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Welcome to the Home Page of the

North American Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Registry

P.O. Box 237, McKean, PA 16426

About the NABSR...

This registry is dedicated to the preservation of a unique genetic resource - the Barbados Blackbelly hair sheep. The herdbook of the NABSR will remain permanently open to any individual sheep which passes inspection and has adequately demonstrated its ability to reproduce in kind.


How Can I Join the Organization?
The registry is open to any individual who wishes to register their qualified Blackbelly Sheep. There are no dues and no "membership" is required to register sheep. Fees and procedures for registration are detailed on these pages.


How Can I Obtain a Listing of Barbados Blackbelly Breeders?

Please check the Breeder's Listing here at this website; as it is the most up-to-date listing the organization maintains. All breeders with registered sheep may, at their option, have their name added to this list.

photo by Jack Duff Only breeders with registered stock who indicate a desire to be included will be listed here. Please let us know if you find any listings are out-of-date.



Want to see YOUR registered sheep's picture on these pages ? Contact us by email!




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